Northern Lights Haven Lodge




This place is awesome, I first met Vern ..... for the silver salmon run with 9 high school buddies from San Francisco (1970-72). I had never been fly fishing before, but I've gone back every year since!...The fishing is always great because Vern doesn't let you "not" get fish...we were never skunked!



Northern Lights Haven Lodge is one of the best fishing and duck hunting destinations I've ever been to. I've been going there for over 10 years now and have never had a bad trip..... I've had multiple 30 to 40 fish days. My record one day was over 70 landed... Vern is a great guide.



I love this place! Remote, uncrowded, family owned for generations and the fishing is outrageously - wear your arm out - fantastic.  ....18lb 10 oz silver.. caught in 2016 on Vern's fly rod. I grabbed it by mistake when I jumped out of the boat - glad I didn't break it.


Ralph (20 visits)
Retired Award Winning Boeing Engineer and grandfather

“The best salmon fishing I’ve ever had in my entire life was at Northern Lights Haven Lodge.  Thank you Vern for assisting me over the years.  My health and condition may change but the fishing is always spectacular.”

business owner

“Having fished with Vern several times at Northern Lights "Heaven" Lodge, we quickly became great friends and I have so much respect for his total operation.  His lodge is like a home and food is really awesome.  Quite possibly the most unique fishery in Alaska. There is one big long pool or run at times will be holding thousands of fish!  Vern has always done his best to make this adventure affordable by Alaska’s standards.  It would be hard to have a bad trip with Vern.  A true memory making adventure.  Good Fishing.

Dan (11 visits)
Entrepreneur and father

The experience of sharing this week with my son was priceless.  My grandfather would have loved to share this day with time with us, but I know he’s looking down with a huge smile.  I couldn’t be more grateful, with one exception, next time I want to catch more fish than my son, haha… Vern, you guys run a well oiled machine, glad we could enjoy your hospitality.  I’m so blessed to have had the experience with my son.”

Charlie (11 visits)
Georgia Angler

“My first trip to Vern’s Northern Lights Haven Lodge was a gift for my 50th birthday from my wife.  I went back last fall for my 5th trip to his lodge and I was 67.  Great fishing and great food every day.  The lodge is very comfortable.  Always enjoy meeting the other guest and amazed at how many times most of them have been there several times.  Vern and his guides know where to find the fish…. always a great trip! Great bargain for the price!

Tre’ (1st visit)

I was so excited to go to Alaska and share the memories my father told me about for years.  It was the first summer without my great grandfather, he bragged over the years about all the fun times with Vern and the record days of fishing.  He would have loved to know we are continuing the tradition.   Everyone was so kind even though I was much younger than the other fishermen.”